My Message

Thank you for joining our program. The journey for a self-improvement goal starts with your thinking that you want to make a change. Any progress we make on our journey usually leaves us with valuable experience and tools to use for other challenges in our life. I am grateful to be a small part of your journey.

It is my extreme pleasure to work with you in this program. You are one decision away from something that will be life-changing. Opening your mind to this program means you can attain a personal goal. Since you have decided to acquire new habits that support your goals, I recommend you follow this course exactly. After all, you are exchanging money for the information and service.

If you choose to not listen to the recordings, not do the recommended changes in daily habits and do not read or listen to the material, then you are making a decision. Your lack of action will determine the outcome because no decision (or lack of action) is deciding.

No judgement here. (Plenty of people have joined a gym and not gone. Me too.)

So what is the determining factor when it comes to your success? YOU. You deserve to have the life you want to lead. AND you can achieve success by your mindset and by taking action steps.

I am available to support you in your goals. Please contact me if you need any assistance.

Best wishes always,

Tina Pineiro

(570) 352 3048

Additional Sessions for the Non-Smoker & Non-Vaper

After your initial session, you can find sessions that will support you to support your new lifestyle as a Non-Smoker or Non-Vaper.

  • Reinforcement as a Non-Smoker or Non-Vaper
  • Stress Management for the Non-Smoker
  • Learn Self-Hypnosis for the Non-Smoker
  • Withdrawal Symptoms
  • The Emotional Freedom Technique (powerful reinforcement)
  • EFT Root Cause (for those having a difficult time)
  • Goal Setting for the Non-Smoker and Non-Vaper
  • Exercise Motivation

Contact us at (570) 352 3048 to schedule your next appointment. You can also book your session online.