Download this recording to use for Weight Reduction Hypnosis. You can use it on any device that plays MP3s. Remember that a hypnotic recording is never to be played in a moving vehicle or while engaged in activities of any kind. Use it at a time and in a place where you are not likely to be disturbed for 30 consecutive days.


BONUS RECORDING: Ego-Strengthening (I suggest you use this all the time.)

Additional Tools for Your Continued Success

Car Recording

Hypnosis recordings are not played in a moving vechicle, but car recordings are made to make use of that time when you are traveling one place to another. There are suggestions for focusing on the road while you are getting important suggestions for attaining your goal. Download it here.

Calorie Meal Planning Guides

Teach Me Self-Hypnosis

Directions: Open the PDF file for learning self-hypnosis. We are using the three-step method. You can download this PDF and keep it on your computer, tablet or smartphone.

  • Read the entire PDF before beginning to get a sense of the whole program.
  • Start with Step One and do that for seven days.
  • Then go to Step Two and do that for seven days.
  • Begin Step Three, which is programmed suggestions. Your subconscious mind is listening. You can use self-hypnosis for everything. Once you have gotten to Step Three, you can just use your PDF for Step Three, or Programmed Suggestion, every time you use it for another subject.