Exercise Motivation

Our busy lifestyles and packed schedules don’t necessarily support the desire to establish an exercise routine. On the other hand, there are many more ways in which to exercise than ever before. It may take a bit of creativity to find what fits with your lifestyle, but it is necessary to find what works for you. Making time for that self-care will reap benefits for you mentally and physically.

Make It Easy and Enjoyable

  • Make sure the exercise routines you pick are things you enjoy. Everything from dancing, weights, classes, sports and walking can be the exercise you need to stay fit and healthy. Choose the ones that feel like fun for you.
  • Set yourself up for success. Make it easy. Prepare your clothing, water bottle or equipment ahead of time. Support your goals by making it easy for you to enjoy your exercise routine and/or complete it simply.
  • Let go of limiting beliefs. Do you have a negative view of exercise? Do you think of it as hard? Start small and learn to enjoy and be grateful for the experience of exercise.
  • Workout with a Friend. One of the best ways to keep that motivation going is to do it with a friend. Meet your friend for a walk, meet at the gym or do the exercise routines together. Your family and friends can also help to keep you on track.
  • Track results. Use an app to see your progress or keep track of your exercise on a simple calendar. Tracking your steps and having a number of goal steps can be beneficial. You can also use the mapmywalk app and see the route.
  • Be flexible. Set attainable goals and allow yourself a variety of exercise when time doesn’t allow. Perhaps you couldn’t make it to the gym, so take a mind-clearing walk instead to keep moving.
  • Rewards. Choose a small reward for every workout or give yourself a bigger reward once a month. For small rewards, you can allow yourself time to read or listen to that audio book. For a bigger reward, you can go to a movie or get a massage. Rewards can be wonderful motivation tools, especially if you are starting a new routine.
  • Visualize Success. It will be beneficial for you to visualize yourself exercising and enjoying it. You can also visualize yourself in the future looking and feeling great as a result of your exercising.

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